Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Opinion | The value of land

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Concerning the Could 10 Well being & Science article “Private lands: The next step in conservation”:

When you think about that two-thirds of the land within the continental United States, 85 p.c of grasslands and more than half of forest lands are privately owned, the significance of preserving non-public lands is evident. In Maryland, Virginia and a lot of the Northeast, the numbers are even greater. We will’t fake the comparatively small quantity of land that makes up public parks shall be sufficient to stop the habitat and biodiversity loss that’s being accelerated by local weather change; in that state of affairs, our parks would turn into habitat museums.

For individuals who argue that conservation easements are unfair or too restrictive, when an easement is put into place, the landowner normally can negotiate phrases, as an example, to permit for constructing or to subdivide the property inside agreed-on parameters. In return for the event rights they offer up, homeowners get significant tax breaks that go to every subsequent proprietor of the land — to a different purchaser or heirs. The objective is to guard the land, and the way in which to do this is to guard landowners reminiscent of farmers and ranchers from being compelled out by excessive taxes. However, sure, you’re going to surrender one thing to get these important tax financial savings. That appears honest, doesn’t it?

Does a conservation easement lower the worth of the land? When you’re a developer, certain. That’s a part of the purpose. However for personal people who aren’t trying to develop, the land has worth exactly as a result of it has been preserved.

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